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DG5635 - Full Circle

ISBN-10: 0615345638

ISBN-13: 9780615345635

David L. Cisco/ Apollo Allumni/ Lunar Module Spacecraft Technician

"An Apollo Technician’s Journey Through American History

David L. Cisco looked at the lunar module, with its paper-thin walls and countless switches and dials, and had a moment of doubt. Could this thing really take people to the moon?

In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin answered that question. But the astronauts had help; an unsung, 400,000-member workforce made the Apollo program—and America’s race to the final frontier—a reality.

As a thirteen-year-old junkyard forklift operator, Cisco never dreamt of being a part of American history. With the chaos of the 1960s swirling around him, this biracial young man decided to give up life in New York for a future as an Apollo technician in Houston.

Moving into the corporate world, Cisco hired some of the first female and African-American airline pilots in the United States. He and his wife later launched a successful travel agency. Along the way, he was elected to public office and worked tirelessly for charity and his community, earning the kid from the junkyard a trip to the White House. "

Price: $19.95


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